Mortuary Chapel – Dublin Airport

The challenge facing this design was how to address the restrictions posed by an old building that was not designed as a space for receiving human remains, with the constraints of a limited budget, yet at the same time ensuring that the final outcome was both sympathetic to its purpose yet non-denominational in appearance, a space that would reflect the best of all beliefs, while also being a location for quiet reflection and thought – and this has been achieved so successfully in Andreas’ work.

Andrew Baker
Head of Property & Advertising, Dublin Airport Authority
Project: Convention Centre Dublin

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the professionalism and dedication Gem brought to the Conference Centre to make it what it is.

Understanding that we are from the United States and given the complexity of the joinery I must say I was initially concerned about your credentials but you immediately allayed any fear I had and continued to impress me throughout the installation – the finished product is a testimony to your firm and employees.

As you know all projects have a certain amount of anxiety therefore when someone brings a quiet intelligence to the process it really stands out - I thank you for your tremendous and valued effort.

Kevin Roche
John Dinkleloo & Associates LLC, Connecticut, USA
Project: Various Projects

Bucholz McEvoy strongly recommend the services of Gem Group. To date, Gem have been appointed as a specialist sub-contractor to a number of construction projects which required a multitude of joinery disciplines; these include the procurement of bespoke furniture, curtain walling, window manufacturing as well as several external and internal joinery finishes. Furthermore, we have been very pleased with the high quality of workmanship, attention to detail and technical expertise provided to services rendered to date.

We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a very professional working relationship.

Bucholz McEvoy
Project: Various Projects

We have had the pleasure of working with GEM Manufacturing for the supply and fitting of bespoke timber windows and internal linings on a number of complex projects. The quality of the product was always of the highest order with a meticulous attention to detail being carried throughout the project.

We would have no hesitation in recommending GEM Manufacturing for projects requiring high quality internal or external joinery.

Grafton Architects
Project: Various Projects

O’Donnell & Tuomey have been Architects for many projects on which GEM Manufacturing were subcontractor for the external and internal joinery. Each project that they have worked on with us has been an individual and unique piece of design, challenging both ourselves and GEM in many ways. We have found GEM Manufacturing to be responsive, imaginative in resolving issues and joiners of excellence.

We have worked successfully and repeatedly with long standing members of their staff. In the course of several years working with them, GEM Manufacturing have kept up a high standard of craft, management, coordination of their team and programming and are professional in their approach to work. We are happy to recommend GEM Manufacturing.

O’Donnell & Tuomey Architects
Project: Various Projects

Since 1991, we have engaged Gem on behalf of a number of our clients, on projects of varying types and sizes, value from circa €100,000 up to €9.3 million.

We have always found them to be very competent and capable building contractors and would have no hesitation in recommending them to you.

Dixon McGaver, Nolan Architects