Ballinderry Clinic

A Time-Constrained Project


Ballinderry Clinic


White Young Green Malachi Cullen & Partners


Ballinderry Consultants Consortium


Construction, Healthcare

When Health Care is the primary concern, the vital factor that is missing is time. One of the client’s requirements was speed; “We want it yesterday.”


The project called for a two-storey building with sixteen self-contained medical consulting suites, as well as the usual reception areas, boardroom, coffee room, storage and other facilities. Time constraints demanded a Turnkey Design and Build approach that could combine speed of construction with the outcome of a traditional, timber-clad building that would be both attractive and functional. The clinic was to be built on a greenfield site, and its appearance was therefore of prime importance.

The Scan Dun window system was used, enhancing the pleasantly light and spacious appearance of the interior.

Internal Fit-Out

The latest audio-visual and information technology is an essential requirement in a modern health care facility, and this was installed during the full internal fit-out. The use of wood and subtle lighting contributed to the bright and welcoming atmosphere.