Carton House

A Luxury Development Designed and Built to the Highest Standards


Carton House Residential - Carton House, Maynooth, Co. Kildare


Murray O’Laoire Architects


Carton Demesne Ltd


Construction, Residential

The building of one hundred and eighteen superb houses, set alongside the famous Championship Golf Course on one of the finest estates on Ireland, was a project that called for the best in architectural design and in construction. Carton House itself was the ancestral home of the Duke of Leinster, and the standard of the work would be required to respect and enhance the history of the lovely thousand-acre walled estate.

The Demesne residences were inspired by the renowned architects Frank Lloyd Wright, and the specific architectural work for the project was carried out by Murray O’Laoire. Gem Construction was the company chosen to bring his ideas to life.

The houses were timber framed with external hardwood cladding, which blended beautifully with their woodland surroundings. What tree felling was necessary was carried out with care and discretion, and the old oak and beech woods were protected and maintained during the work.

Design and Construction

The houses are two and three stories high, built onto pre-cast basements. They are detached, semi-detached and terraced, and have between three and five bedrooms each. They have achieved the highest Energy Efficiency Rating (A). There are glazed bay and French windows, as well as first- and second-storey glazed balconies framed in hardwood, which both enhances the appearance of the houses and reflects the elegant setting of the woodland. Stone, slate and timber have all been used in the design, and the overall effect, whilst it could have been pure Scandinavian, has taken the best of that world and given it a uniquely Irish character.