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C&D Foods Redevelopment - Edgeworthstown, Co Longford


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C & D Foods, one of the major manufacturers of pet foods across Ireland, commissioned further development of its site at Edgeworthstown in Longford, an award-winning project supported by the Department of Jobs through Enterprise Ireland.

A large part of the project involved the clearance of that part of the site which had been badly damaged by fire in 2006, together with the contaminated sub-soil.

The work had to be carried out whilst the site was still in production, and GEM needed to face the logistical challenge of ensuring staff safety whilst maintaining normal access.

New Warehouse, Office, Production Facility and Storage

  • GEM used established methods of construction, combining them with the latest technology, which, unsurprisingly in view of the warehouse’s history, incorporated firefighting and safety features, including a 600 square metre standby underground lagoon for fire-fighting services.
  • A hardcore base was set upon 1000g terram, with concrete bases for the steel stanchions which supported the precast perimeter walls. The construction of an 825 square metre cold-room and the 270 square metre tempering room formed a major part of the project.
  • A new research and development laboratory was built into the main structure, as well as a new production line. The site required stainless steel and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) effluent drainage channels, and stainless-steel floor channels and gullies.
  • All the exposed steel work received 60/60 fire protection, with intumescent paint.
  • The concrete yard incorporated specialist truck dock levelers.
  • State of the art track storage facilities called for a 200 mm concrete floor to carry the railway lines and storage racks.
  • An office was constructed alongside the new warehouse, and the site was enclosed within a perimeter palisade fence.

Minimised Environmental Impact

As part of ABP Food Group, C&D received triple certification from the Carbon Trust for water, carbon and waste reduction initiatives.


“We are very satisfied with the work undertaken by Gem Construction. They are a quality builder, extremely professional in their approach, mindful of the obligations especially in Health and Safety. They are flexible which has been vital for us carrying on the day to day business during a building programme. They kept our guys well informed throughout and completed their work within the time allowed.”

C & D Foods


The project received the Dixon McGaver Nolan Award