Digital Hub Phase 1

Repair of roofs, floors and more


Digital Hub Phase 1


Shaffrey Associates Architects


Digital Hub


Construction, Commercial

The scope of the work included underpinning of foundations, stitching of masonry to stabilise structural movements, general structural masonry/structural repair at all level including repair to chimneys.

  • Extensive timber repairs including new floors, roof structure and repairing of window lintels.
  • Full renewal of roof to No 1 Crane Street and part removal of roof to no 7/8 Thomas Street.
  • Installation of chimney flue linings.
  • Restoration of staircases, wall plaster, ceiling plaster, internal joinery, localised structural repointing and the temporary opening of boundary wall between no.9 and the yard to the rear of no’s 1 & 8.