Dundrum Garda Station

A Dundrum Garda Station


Dundrum Garda Station


Mahoney Architecture


Construction, Public & Community

Demolition/removal of the existing single storey structure in the north-eastern boundary to the rear of the existing two-storey structure. Demolition/removal of the existing single storey structurebetween the two-storey structure and courthouse. Demolition/removal of the existing mast and base. Removal of the existing temporary accommodation. Removal of the existing plant room structure over the existing two-storey structure.

Construction of a new single storey structure (area 120m2) in the north-eastern boundary to rear of the existing two-storey structure including rooflights. Construction of a new two storey plus plant room structure (area 396m2) between the existing two-storey structure and courthouse including rooflights. Refurbishment of the existing twostore structure (area 181m2) including new pitched roof and new windows/doors. Provision of 2 new flagpoles.

Modifications to the existing vehicular entrance in the boundary wall off Eglington Terrace, modifications to the existing pedestrian gate to accommodate universal access, removal/infill the existing vehicular entrance off Kilmacud Road Upper, modifications to the existing stone boundary wall including raising height to part of wall on Eagle Terrace. Site development works including, site roadways, parking for 21 cars, bicycle parking, site lighting, signage, hard and soft landscaping and ancillary site works. Foul and surface water drainage, site services and ground site works.