Gleeson Hall – DIT

Historical Site Brought up to Date with Superb Fit-Out


Gleeson Hall - Dublin Intitute of Technology, Kevin Street, Dublin 2


Gilroy McMahon Architects


Dublin Institute of Technology


Jointery, Public & Community, Construction, Educational, Fit Out

Dublin Institute of Technology in Kevin Street, Dublin 2 is constructed on the site of the original Technical School, which was established in 1887. An important part of the building is the famous Gleeson Hall Auditorium, which, following the modernisation project, is now capable of hosting a range of prestige events.

High Quality at High Speed 

GEM was given just four weeks to complete the project, which entailed the complete replacement of the double doors and glazing, the installation of a new heating and ventilation system, together with new wiring and fire alarm system, and a new structural opening in the concrete wall. These, combined with the full insulation of the external walls, and a new ceiling in the hall, stage and balcony areas, were specifications that might well have daunted a lesser contractor.

Atmosphere of a Modern Theatre

The versatility of the Class ‘O’ oak veneered lacquered paneling in the auditorium has been singled out for special comment on more than one occasion; during one performance of a modern play, in which fog, light and the new sound system played a major part, the lovely wood was said to have underlined the ‘bizarre’ atmosphere of the play.

Finishing Touches

The replacement of the floor coverings to the stage and the balcony, and the total repainting of the whole area marked the final touches to a successful project.