Harrison Row

Spacious Home in a Confined Site


Harrison Row


Studio D Architects and ROR Architects


Private Client


Construction, Commercial

Brighton View in the Rathgar area of Dublin presented a serious challenge. The site was small, and three houses needed to be built, combining the traditional build with a timber framed construction.

Alternative Design Raises Energy Rating

GEM construction stayed within the directives of the design brief whilst at the same time adapting the original design to allow substantial savings in both time and cost, as well as raising the energy rating to A3.

The new houses, which were delivered on a turnkey basis, consisted of a structural steel and timber framework erected on the concrete basement. This construction demanded specialist work to simulate the heavier, traditional, model, and incorporates, for example, a fully sound-proofed concrete screed floor.

Despite the small site, GEM construction delivered three spacious houses, with four, five and six bedrooms respectively. The savings the company made were certainly not reflected in the finished product. One review used the words “No expense appears to have been spared in their construction and fitting-out.”

Highly Commended

The finished project was highly commended by both the client and the Design Team. They are most attractive buildings, both light and spacious, with the benefits of modern technology skillfully adapted to blend with the more traditional appearance demanded by the architects’ brief.