Island View – Dalkey

A Seaside Home Extended into the Rock


Island View - Dalkey


Studio D Architects


Private Client



A Victorian house in Dalkey, Co. Dublin, occupying a prime position and with a terrific view over the sea to Dalkey Island, was greatly enlarged by means of a modern extension which was set into solid rock. Designed by Studio D Architects, the extension is fully proofed against sea winds and water.

Air-and Water-Tight Foundations and Superstructure

The rock face at the side of the existing house was excavated to form a series of stepped levels. Concrete walls and slabs were cast on site and secured to the face with rock anchors, and the structure was fully waterproofed to form a water-tight capsule. The superstructure is composed of 215-millimetre blockwork and triple-glazed fixed and sliding panels, made airtight with tapes and membranes. The roof is of traditional timber construction with zinc standing seams.

Open-Plan Living Space

In striking contrast to the original house, the extension comprises an open-plan living space and a new master bedroom suite. Taking full advantage of the view, both spaces have glazed covered balconies and sliding glazed doors. Outside, there are terraced landscaped areas with walkways and patio areas, and a graveled driveway.

Energy Efficiency

Additional green features include solar panels. The extension is thermally efficient, achieving A3, a high Building Energy Rating (BER).