Loyola House

Fire-Damaged Jesuit Headquarters Restored as Private Housing


Loyola House


Fitzgerald Kavanagh and Partners


Private Client


Construction, Commercial

Loyola House, at the junction of Sandford Road and Eglinton Road in Dublin 4, was occupied by the Jesuit Order before its partial destruction by fire in 2007. GEM Construction undertook the restoration and extension of the property into residential accommodation, including a large private house and a new apartment block.

The project, which included external drainage and landscape works, extended to approximately 960 square metres. The site is in one of Dublin’s most prestigious residential areas, near many embassies and foreign missions.

The house was originally a three-storey Victorian redbrick mansion, which was first occupied by the Jesuits in 1956. The fire, which caused extensive damage, was started by a former employee, who was later sentenced to six years in prison.