Ranelagh Multidenominational School


Ranelagh Multidenominational School


O’Donnell & Tuomey


Pierce Healy Developments


Joinery, Education


RIAI Gold Medal Winner 1999, AAI Downes Medal 1999, IRBA Award 1999

Supply and fit of internal and external joinery including

  • Large iroko bespoke sliding doors incorporated in large screens,
  • Inward and outward opening windows and doors,
  • Large pivot doors

The Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School building was completed in 1997. The building was designed to house a 1992 Department of Education brief for an eight classroom school. The extension to the school provides accommodation for special needs, parents meeting room, arts and crafts and a new staff room to provide for the increased number of staff and the developed educational requirements for a modern primary school. The extension accommodates the developments in educational requirements in a design which is an organic extension of the original architectural concept.

The extension is positioned in the South-Sast corner of the existing playground on Old Mountpleasant. The special needs rooms are on ground floor level with doors to the playground. The arts and crafts room is upstairs with northlight rooflights to give a ‘studio’ rather than ‘classroom’ character to the room. The ground floor meeting room faces into an existing courtyard beside the East end stair block and the first floor staff room overlooks the lane connecting Ranelagh Road to Old Mountpleasant. The original school building was designed as a quartet of brick classroom houses along Ranelagh Road with a different scale of structure and material in the verandas on the playground side. The extension is designed to be consistent with the original design by the addition of a new brick house on the laneway with a sloping room form to the playground. Reclaimed Dolphin’s Barn brick walls, terned coated steel roof and iroko window elements match the materials of the existing building.