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Ballymun Regeneration


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Ballymun Regeneration Limited


Construction, Public & Community

The Ballymun Regeneration Scheme required the construction of sixty-nine single and two storey homes, to be built on a brownfield site which was part public open space, and part the site of demolished tower blocks. The new estate is bounded by Shangan Gardens and Westacre Court. A public recreational area, Whiteacre park, was also extensively redesigned and improved.

The Team

Cullen Payne were the architects selected to design the project, and GEM Construction brought it to life.

Logistics and Safety

Because the work was to be carried out in an existing residential area, careful planning was required to ensure that all services were uninterrupted, and that the safety measures put in place were of the highest standard.

High Quality, Low Cost

Public money must be spent carefully, and the design and build of the new houses combined a high standard of workmanship and materials with an eye on value for money. Overall, traditional construction methods were used, but the latest warm-roof technology was incorporated into the design. The result has been that the new houses are both visually attractive, and economical to run.

The estate was attractively set off by tree plantings., as well as the normal street furniture and lighting.

Whiteacre Park

The regeneration scheme is intended to benefit the local community, and the houses were aimed primarily at young families. The overhaul of the recreational facilities was therefore of major importance to the scheme and curved reinforced concrete screen walls were constructed to shelter the amphitheatre, which has an attractive paving pergola walkway with Shannon setts and granite cubes, a sleeper boardwalk and applied aggregate footpaths.

These surround a purpose-built play area, surrounded by bespoke steel safety fencing, which has been fitted out with the latest play equipment, and is floored with soft paving.

No park would be complete without its green spaces, and the final touches were added by top-soiling, turfing and seeding, and tree and shrub planting.

Value: €1,600,000