Whiteacre Park

A Neighbourhood Park in an Inner-City Area


Urban Landscaping Whiteacre Park - Ballymun


Cunnane Stratton Reynolds


Ballymun Regeneration Limited


Construction, Public & Community

Whiteacre Park, which was part of the Ballymun Regeneration Scheme, was constructed on an infill brownfield site which presented considerable logistical challenges.

Hard Landscaping

The site was terraced to meet attenuation requirements. Curved fair-faced reinforced concrete screen walls were constructed on the boundary and to shelter the amphitheatre. A reinforced concrete colonnade passes through the centre of the site; a walkway was made from natural timber, and pathways were also laid using brush-marked ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) and granite sett cobbles. Granite cubes provide a landscape feature.

Children’s Play Area

The children’s play area, which has both junior and senior areas, has steel play equipment on a rubber surface and is surrounded by bespoke steel fencing. Area lighting was installed.

Soft Landscaping

Grassed mounds were constructed, grass areas were turfed and seeded, and trees and shrubs were planted.

Services Maintained

A major challenge was the diversion of live services without the interruption of supplies to neighbouring homes. Pedestrian and vehicle access needed to be maintained, and public safety ensured.

Client Satisfaction

The work, which was part of a larger housing construction project, was costed at €930,OOO. The clients expressed their satisfaction with GEM’s contribution: “GEM staff provided a professional, knowledgeable and co-operative service.”

The new park is now a central part of local community life, where residents are described as “…working hard to make their area a nicer place to live”.